A new, northern powerhouse, St. John’s is scheduled for completion in 2025.

A £1bn, 6-acre site that inspires innovation and cultivates creativity, St. John’s comprises Enterprise City – the economic pulse of the vision, where media, tech and modern industries cluster, Versa Manchester Studios – state-of-the-art facilities for BAFTA and Academy Award nominated television and feature film productions, Vita Living – a co-living complex of more than 620 units of accommodation, and The Factory – soon to be the largest arts and performance venue in Europe, home to Manchester International Festival.

ALL+ Management is delighted to partner with AVIVA on this ambitious scheme, delivering expert design consultancy services and cutting-edge solutions that develop an aesthetic both scenographic yet sympathetic to original architecture, whereby >50% buildings are ~80 years of age via reuse and readaptation – a revolutionary approach to contemporary conservation.

In addition, every property will use 100% green energy and recycle 100% waste, with the aim to become net-carbon neutral by 2030, as well as achieve WiredScore Platinum and BREEAM Excellent certification.

A one-stop-shop for community-focused wellbeing experiences, the estate also boasts public squares, sky-gardens and street animation, as well as recreational grounds for basketball and tennis.

Furthermore, the proud establishment of St. John’s Homelessness Initiative, a first-of-its-kind collaboration in the UK, earmarks a legacy of social responsibility and sustainability that will outgrow the construction phase and continue with the occupiers and residents of the estate.